Start a new miniseries! Swallow this! We are going to explore the 1980s in film and to start us off we have a special bonus episode looking at, for us, the most influential horror movie franchise of the 80s. The Evil Dead was the brain child of director Sam Raimi, producer Rob Tapert, and actor Bruce Campbell, who fought to generate financing to create their horror film where a group of teens go to stay at a cabin in the woods and unbeknownst to them let out a supernatural evil which unleashes pure horror on the cabin and takes them out one by one. Despite censoring It was such huge hit that in 1987 they did a sequel, Evil Dead 2 which took this horror movie and turned it on it's head, fully embraced slapstick horror and turned the hero Ash into a Deadite killing, chainsaw wielding, shotgun blasting, quipping action hero of the 80s. Groovy! These two films would create a huge franchise which is still beloved now and we couldn't wait to chat about it.

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