Ran (1985)

The Great Lord Hidetora Ichimonji (Tatsuya Nakadai) decides to abdicate and divide his domain amongst his three sons;  Taro (Akira Terao), Jiro (Jinpachi Nezu), and Saburo (Daisuke Ryu) but there is no peace between the brothers as full war breaks out shattering the Empire that he built. Now the great Lord wanders his shattered Empire a broken man, but soon all of his past atrocities will come back top haunt him. Ran (1985) in a large part is the culmination of Akira Kurosawa's long career, and it would be his last epic that is as majestic as it is massive. A true masterpiece, and a profound examination of humanity and war.

We also talk about Dear Evan Hansen, The Guilty and Escape Room: Tournament of Champions.

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