Orson is back! 1958's Touch of Evil was considered for a long time the most forgettable film of Orson Welles' career, he had been removed from the final edit of the film and eventually the studio dumped the film into a b-picture release and it was largely forgotten by critics and audiences alike. That is until an earlier cut was found, and a 58 page memo written by Orson at the time detailing the edits he wanted the studio to make for the film. The re-edit of this film, based around Orson Welles' memo, was released in 1998 and the film quickly started being re-evaluated as a forgotten masterpiece and the original being yet another product of studio interference in the auteur's career. Natalie Gardner returns to help us talk about this film and unravel this fascinating film and marvel at one of the best opening shots in a film, ever.

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