Taking a break from the main adventure, we are going to do another influencer series as we look at an cultural icon Bill Murray, we dig into his career, what made him so iconic in culture, talk about Groundhog Day, Lost in Translation and his career with Wes Anderson and then we go back to breakdown the only film he ever directed 1990's Quick Change, co-starring Geena Davies and Randy Quaid. The story of a how a group of successful bank robbers in New York trying to evade and escape the police. We also touch upon Happy Feet 2 and the magic of ET.

All these and more on Adjust Your Tracking!

The list of films we suggest to support Black Lives Matters are: When They See Us, 13th, Do Not Resit, The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson, 16 Shots, Let the Fire Burn, The Hate U Give, Slavery By Another Name, Boyz in the Hood, If Beale Street Could Talk, I Am Not Your Negro, Selma, Malcolm X, Do the Right Thing, Get Out.

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